New Bike Racks

ROG recently got new bike racks from Urban Bike Gallery located at 4814 Nett Street, Houston, TX  77007 (Heights/Shepherd area).  ROG residents will receive a 10% discount when they show their drivers license with the ROG address.  Judy Tuttle-Wurth is the owner.  Another helpful tip – When locking up your bikes, it is recommended you follow the procedure outlined in the diagram attached.  The rack is designed to accommodate about 36 bikes – 18 on each side.  By putting the front wheel of the bike into the corresponding loop on either side, and securing the bike using that loop, will only maximize the use of the rack.

Water Leak Procedures

  1. Water Leak ProceduresCall the Courtesy Officer at the Guard House and tell them you have a leak and your building designation (e.g., Building B). Telephone: 713 528-4868.
  2. The Courtesy Officer will turn off the main water line to your building. The main water line is clearly marked for each building. A sign indicates its location and the turn-off handle is painted orange. You should familiarize yourself with the location. If you can turn off the valve it would expedite matters. Water to buildings can only be turned off in an emergency. For the convenience of your neighbors, common or routine repairs require a 24 hour notice.
  3. The Courtesy Officer will then call the Property Management office (KRJ) to report the leak to the Property Manager. The telephone number is 713 783-4640 or after hours call the Emergency Number 281-583-3800, which is answered 24/7.
  4. The Courtesy Officer will then advise the building residents the water has been turned off.
  5. The Property Manager will call you back to inquire about the leak. Please be prepared to describe the location of the leak and any other pertinent information.
  6. If you can determine the leak is NOT a common pipe (example, a leak under your sink, or a faucet that is broken) you have the option of calling your own plumber or using one recommended by the property management office. You can coordinate this with the Property Manager.
  7. If you determine the leak may be from a common pipe (example leaking from the walls or ceiling), the Property Manager will assume the responsibility of calling the plumber. She will advise you of the procedures to follow going forward.
  8. It is important to note that your first point of contact should always be the Property Manager who in turn will coordinate with you and the contractors to fix the leak. It is critical that the Property Manager has your most current contact information inclusive of you telephone numbers and email address.
  9. If you will be unavailable for the unit’s repairs, it is highly recommended that you make arrangements for the necessary parties to access your unit to fix the leak in order to maintain the integrity of the Common Elements of the building.
  10. NOTICE: RIGHT OF ENTRY TO UNIT. In the event a leak occurs in a unit when the Owner is not in the unit, and the conditions present a risk of harm or damage to the common elements, another unit or other occupants of the building, the Association will need to gain access to that unit. The Association will first attempt to contact the unit’s Owner, and secondarily the contact person listed by the Owner on the information sheet retained in the Guard House. (If you have left a key with a friend or neighbor, please have the Courtesy Officer in the Guard House add this name and contact number to your information sheet retained in the office. You may also leave a key at the locked key box in the Guard House). Under the circumstances, if the unit’s Owner or listed contact person cannot be located, the Association has the legal right to enter the unit. This entry is allowed under the River Oaks Gardens’ Declaration of Condominiums and the Texas Property Code. In the event that the Association finds it necessary to hire a locksmith to gain entry to the Owner’s unit, all expenses and associated costs shall be charged to that Owner’s account.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Board of Directors

River Oaks Council of Co-Owners

Trash Pick-up Schedule

Trash pickup is Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding Holidays).

Leash and Clean Up After Your Pet

Dogs must be on-leash at all times and cleaning up after your pet is mandatory; violation is subject to $50 fine.

Pool Rules

  • PoolNo glass is allowed in the pool area: If glass is broken in the pool, by State Law, the pool must be drained, cleaned, and re-filled. Please help us avoid any problems in this area by using plastic, paper, metal, or styrofoam containers at the pool.
  • Pool Umbrellas: After use of pool umbrellas, please carefully lower them to the closed position to prevent damage to pool furniture and other common property.
  •  Pool Usage: Pool is for the use of owners and residents only and their authorized guests. Guest must be accompanied by the owner or resident. No children are allowed at the pool without being accompanied by an adult owner or resident.

Grilling Reminders

GrillingGrilling, BBQ, and other open-flame cooking is not allowed on patios, balconies, sidewalks or near any structure, tree, shrubbery or landscaping.

City of Houston Fire Code prohibits grilling within 10 feet of any roof, combustible wall, or any other combustible material. Violators are subject to fines starting at $250.

Community Speed Limit in All Parking Lots is 5 MPH

Please Slow DownThe speed limit is 5 MPH in all parking lots – residents and visitors are reminded to slow down while driving through the property. We have had several incidents in which animals have been hit and killed, and several near misses in which residents have very nearly being hit by speeding drivers.

For everyone’s safety – please slow down.